Just a Sharpie

January 06, 2017

Look at this death dealer spying me from above... I know there's a lot wrong with this photo--the overexposure has been as corrected as can be--the fuzziness of the head is what it is--but it's all with good reason.  This year Santa brought me a brand spanking new Canon 80D and this was one of my first test shots--a flight shot to boot.  When this tiny Sharp-shinned Hawk glided over the first time, it was so small I actually thought it was a Merlin.  But when it landed those white undertail coverts were a glaring statement to the contrary.  Raptor guru and photographer extraordinaire Jerry Ligouri would have shamed me for not looking at the shape and realizing it was obviously a Sharpie.  Duh Tim!

That's all this post is about--just a Sharpie.  But one damn good looking beast if I do say so myself!

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