Sapsucker Art

January 05, 2017

Check out this gorgeous piece of sapsucker art from Salt Lake City.  The non-birders who found it sent me a picture of the bird for help identifying it--the grainy cell phone shot looked like it might be a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker which is a pretty damn good bird for northern Utah--it would be a county lifer for me.  I've asked the homeowners to let me know if it comes back so I can maybe have a looksie.

But who cares about lifers, or county birds when this bad ass, steel-billed, destroyer of trees can create such an amazing piece of artwork. Organizational chaos.  It's like OCD mixed with ADD.  I love it.  Something about sapsucker drill sites always leave me in awe.

And, if you have a woodpecker wreaking havoc on your trees and want to stop the carnage, don't do what my cousins from the hills would do and resort to a revolver.  That's illegal, and there are more effective, and environmentally friendly ways to deter future destruction:

Woodpecker Control Methods BTYB the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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