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My name is Tim Avery, I live in the beautiful Little Cottonwood Creek Valley, in Sandy, Utah, right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It's scenic, beautiful, inspiring, and the gateway to some of the best birding in the Mountain West.  Speaking of the Mountain West, I own Mountain West Birding Company, a guiding outfit that specializes in Flammulated Owl Tours, as well as any bird finding needs you might have while in Utah and hopefully expanding into the surrounding states in 2017 and 2018.

What else, I like bird obviously.  I started birding when I was a wee lad (I was never that wee, and currently stand 6'4" towering over most common men and women) mostly in the style of Audubon.  Yes, I took my BB gun into the field and "collected" the occasional specimen.  One day, I realized I was being a total dick and stopped.  I met another kid who liked birds, he showed me his field guide.  One thing led to another and that gateway drug had me hooked.  Here 20+ years later I haven't looked back besides to remember these "facts" and share them here.   I've been happily married to my lovely wife Sam for almost 6 years.  We met over a decade ago working at an outdoors store here in Utah.  Since then we've traveled the world, and spawned a minion named Cameron, who is the delight of our lives.

Occasionally, I piss people off.  I don't necessarily speak before I think--but I often just speak my mind.  I put thought into what I am going to say, and that sometimes comes across in not the most tactful of ways.  What I've found interesting over the years is that if I do it, I get chastised, while I watch others do it with glee and never catch shit for it.  So with this blog, I gleefully say, if you have an issue, go phuck yourself. Phew, got that out of the way, now I can just let the good times roll.